What is the SIA - Security Industry Authority

In 1999 the Government Commissioned a White paper where it proposed the regulation of The Private Security Industry in England and Wales. This resulted in the Security Industry Act 2001, which has resulted in the SIA – Security Industry Authority with 2004 seeing the bringing in of the SIA Licence for all Door Supervisors.

The aim of the SIA is to increase public confidence in the Security Industry and also to maintain standards thus improving professionalism and opportunities for those who work within the industry.

Customers can now expect a higher quality security where each individual who is employed in this sector will be expected to hold a current licence and it will be a criminal offence not to do so.


Licences have 3 underpinning criteria: CRIMINALITY
The onus is now on managers of venues to ensure that every Door Supervisor carrying out duties on their premises holds a valid licence or runs the risk of a 6 month prison sentence or a £5,000 fine.

Depending on what type of event you run depends on what type of staff you require. If the whole site is licensed under the Licensing Act 1964 then you will require SIA licensed staff. If this is not the case and the stewards that are employed do not do any of the following they do not require a SIA Licence.

  • Guarding premises against unauthorised access or occupation, outbreaks of disorder or damage
  • Guarding property against destruction, damage or theft
  • Guarding one or more individuals against assault or injury

For further information please look at the SIA web site.